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E. Rose Sabin, Fantasy and Science Fiction Author E. Rose Sabin, Fantasy and Science Fiction Author

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Arucadi Enterprises, LLC

This is a business established primarily to help authors self-publish their work via Amazon's CreateSpace for printed books and/or Kindle Direct Publishing for e-books. If you are an author who has decided to self-publish but doesn't quite know how to go about it, Arucadi Enterprises can help.

My name is E. Rose Sabin, an award-winning fantasy and science fiction author, and I established Arucadi Enterprises as an imprint for self-publishing my own books using Amazon's CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing. However, in the process of doing so, I realized that other people who decide to self-publish might find the process daunting and not know how to go about it.

As I published my own books and helped others publish theirs, I began to feel that there was a great need for a service that could give just a gentle shove in the right direction, or could guide an author through the process from start to finish. So, I am opening Arucadi Enterprises to furnish as much help as needed.

I intend to continue publishing my own books using the Arucadi Enterprises imprint. If you feel you can benefit from the type of help I can offer, you are welcome to contact me, and we can help you fill your needs at a reasonable price. Click on my email contact link at the bottom of the page to send me an email.

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